RH-GPS project was created from scratch without any financial or other investment aid. Through hard and diligent work, lengthy process of research computing and other disciplines we have achieved in 10 years unbeatable advantages in telemetry of vehicles and measuring diesel consumption. We have built a strong know-how and original product that is unique on the market. We have our own development and comprehensive portfolio for telemetry in trucks - transportation

  • Development of software infrastructure (back-end , front-end)
  • Development and production of telemetry equipment
  • Development and production of sensors in fuel tanks
  • By developing its own map system and map data processing
  • Development and production of components for assembly and also we use own method of professional assembling a system for diesel monitoring in trucks

The idea of ​​the company is development and providing top quality services in this area with a view to long-term reliability, security, accuracy, precision and design. Whether it's software infrastructure stability, reliability and fuel sensors performance, as well as elements of the functioning of the company and its processes in relation to customers.

Ing. Radoslav Jízdný - head of development, company owner